Coxswain Alliance

Coxswain Alliance is an operational improvement consulting firm. We work directly with our clients – at all levels – to improve their business performance. We do this through tailored solutions, built around your needs. Whether it is tonnes, throughput, costs, service levels, transactions times, our focus and experience is on the successful execution and sustainable implementation of changes to the way in which an organisation delivers their products and services. We help our clients navigate the process of change required to identify and convert opportunities within their operations to actual business benefits and desired results – and maintain the changes.

Formed in 2009, Coxswain Alliance was established by a core group of operations consulting professionals to provide a broad range of consulting services, with a focus on how to work effectively within the Australian and Asia-Pacific context. Our people have extensive corporate managerial and consulting experience, including over 150 years of combined experience within a global operational consulting firm.

We combine our technical consulting expertise in business improvement and wide industry experience with your business knowledge and objectives to rapidly develop and deliver sustainable improvements.

Why we’re different

Our ability to tailor our processes and solutions to fit your specific needs distinguishes Coxswain Alliance. Our flexibility combined with our deep experience ensure that the way we approach an engagement delivers the most appropriate outcome for you,the client. We leverage a range of methodologies – but are not a slave to them. We recognise what you have achieved, what works within your environment and culture as well as what needs challenging. We seek to leverage your skills and experience and tangibly partner with you and your people to deliver a process that grows your organisation’s and your people’s ability to deliver change and business improvement.

We also understand that significant change programs are often an uncomfortable experience for an organisation. We are confident – from our past engagements – that our approaches deliver an experience that your people will regard as authentic, engaging and delivering on what has been targeted.

Why our name

Cox• swain / koks’n/ noun
  1. a person who steers a (small, usually racing) boat;
  2. a person in a racing shell who usually directs the rest of the crew.

Just like in a rowing crew, our consultants play a key role in helping organisations navigate and steer through the challenges of a dynamic competitive environment. By working in … More

Our people

Read about the breadth of experience and expertise which our people bring to our engagements with you. Our people are a critical differentiator. Bios

Alliance partners

We have built relationships with a range of organisations that complement our ability to deliver to a range of needs of our clients. Rather than seeking to be ‘all things to all people’, we recognise that at times we need to work with other resources to deliver to your needs. More






What our clients say

...on meeting our commitments

" of the strengths of their people is that they did what they said they were going to do..." Mark Heaton, General Manager Open Cut Operations, Anglo American Metallurgical Coal

...on working with your people

“I have worked for a number years with people who formed the Coxswain Alliance. They integrated strongly into our business and got alongside my people to guide them through the changes we were implementing. Some of those changes were tough, and it was the skills that they brought – and transferred to my people – that were integral to the success of those change programs. I look forward to working with them in the future.” A Senior Executive – Global Financial Services, Australian unit

...on engaging early for sustainability

“...the ‘change model’ used, is a powerful tool that ensures that the changes within the business are being designed and implemented by the people closest to the real issues...” Graeme York, CEO International Power – Hazelwood

...on who we are

“...a high degree of professionalism and integrity...” Mark De Wit, Managing Director, Futuris Automotive Group Ltd