Our methodologies are principles based. That allows them a broad relevance and flexibility to deal with the specific needs and challenges of our clients.

Those principles are:

  • Change is sustainable if you start planning for it from day one.
  • Change and improvement is best delivered with and through your people.
  • The role of external expertise is to contribute intellectual capital, drive and experience to an organisation, not take over its operation.
  • Provide people with a rationale for change – at a pace that they can absorb; then they are more likely to adopt the change.
  • How you deliver change is as important as what you deliver.
  • Reflect the positive aspects of the culture and its achievements.
  • Effective change is evident when people within an organisation are behaving differently, and consistently.
  • People need increased skills and better tools to improve the performance of their areas.
  • Being ‘right’ is not successful change.
  • All processes or services can be improved and can be done so on a continuous basis.
  • Continuous improvement is enabled by process scrutiny and review.
  • Flexibility – and the ability to respond to failure – is key to executing successful change.

Our model

Based on these principles, the methodologies we deploy leverage the strengths of a range of behavioural and analytical approaches to analyse and improve your processes and services. We focus on delivering a process which is fit-for-purpose for your organisation. To do so, we consider two critical elements that underpin improvements in your business performance:

  1. What do your people need to do differently? Behaviours
  2. What do you people use to ensure consistent process execution? Tools & Techniques


The methodologies used need to be appropriate for your industry, your business and the maturity of your people and culture. We’ll help you to strike the appropriate balance.

We work with you to analyse and assess what has been provided to your people to deliver their processes or services, as well as determine the gap between existing performance or outcomes and what the business is seeking to achieve. We also analyse the existing structure to determine how it can be better matched to the needs of successful process execution. Once the gap is understood, we then implement new ‘ways of doing things around here’, focussed on enhancing both the behaviours of your people as they manage the process and also the tools they use.

This approach, which supports both the tactical and technical needs, provides an amplification of results. But most importantly, as our approach involves your people across the life of the improvement program, it also delivers sustainability.






What our clients say

...on leveraging your people’s experience

“...a methodology was used that complemented internal initiatives and provided a holistic approach that engaged the workforce. Our employees have ideas on what can be improved and were more likely to be committed to ‘the new way of doing things’ if they were involved...” Graeme York, CEO International Power – Hazelwood

Definition: a principle

A basic generalization that is accepted as true and that can be used as a basis for reasoning or conduct.