Our people

EVERY client we have – from the long term to a prospective client – wants to know ‘who will be on the team?’ We know that people are frequently the differentiator between good projects and not so good ones, between successful companies and not so successful ones. That is why we place an emphasis on ensuring that we have the best people and deploy them in a manner which best suits our clients’ needs.

Our people are a critical differentiator. With combined consulting experience of over 150 years, this team has a demonstrated track record of working collaboratively with their clients to effect change successfully. While each of our team has their own skills and expertise, it is through our combined efforts, in partnership with you and your team, that we work as a high performing team and achieve the best results for your organisation. You can learn more about the Coxswain Alliance team from our resumés below, and see for yourself what other people say about working with us.

Who we are not

Let us be clear: we do not carry the baggage that many other firms seem to carry. Forget the anonymous blue suited, callow youth brigade, carrying briefcases filled with THE prescription for your ills – which you will be required to swallow, as they know best!

Alliance partners

We have built relationships with a range of organisations that complement our ability to deliver to a range of needs of our clients. Rather than seeking to be ‘all things to all people’, we recognise that at times we need to work with other groups to deliver to your needs. Go to Alliance Partners to read about our partner relationships

  • Jonathan Clegg
    Jonathan Clegg
  • Peter Braithwaite
    Peter Braithwaite
  • Greg Bull
    Greg Bull
  • Lain Baigent
    Lain Baigent
  • Damian Dent
    Damian Dent
  • James Doctor
    James Doctor
  • Sam Feltaous
    Sam Feltaous
  • Iain Kelly
    Iain Kelly
  • Trevor Harris
    Trevor Harris
  • Peter Laumets
    Peter Laumets
  • Simon Lum
    Simon Lum
  • Maree Mullins
    Maree Mullins
  • Sheila Nguyen
    Sheila Nguyen
  • Andrew de Oliveira
    Andrew de Oliveira
  • Justin Osmotherly
    Justin Osmotherly
  • Charlie Roach
    Charlie Roach
  • Caty Scott
    Caty Scott
  • Stas Tsaloukis
    Stas Tsaloukis
  • Melissa Wilkinson
    Melissa Wilkinson
  • Philip Wong
    Philip Wong
  • Chris Yates
    Chris Yates
Jonathan Clegg

E: jclegg@coxswainalliance.com

  • Consulting Engagement Leader with sixteen years experience in Operational Consulting in Australasia, South Africa, USA, Europe and Asia.
  • Strong focus on engaging consulting work, analysing business issues and delivering project results with business improvement teams.
  • Capabilities include Change Management, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Process Re-engineering, Leadership Development & Alignment, Capability Maturity Modelling and Balanced Scorecard Implementation.


  • Underground and Open Cast Mining: Gold, coal, nickel
  • Heavy Manufacturing: Structural steel, pulp and paper, packaging – secondary, smelter and foundry operations, nickel concentrating, alumina refining, aircraft manufacture
  • Maintenance: Mining and heavy industry
  • Health: Safety Environment Community, OHS
  • Light Manufacturing: Food, wine, confectionery, poultry, dairy and ice cream, baked goods, seafood, swimwear and underwear, clothing and sportswear
  • Printing and Packaging: Primary, coatings (paint and PVC, adhesives)
  • Financial Services: Insurance, banking, financial planning, call centres
  • Telecommunications: Fixed line and mobile
  • Transport: Yellow Fleet, rail operations, long distance trucking
  • Retailing: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), fashion, postal and agency business
Peter Braithwaite

E: pbraithwaite@coxswainalliance.com

  • Consulting Engagement Leader with twenty years international experience in Operational Consulting and Management in Australasia, USA, South Africa, Asia and the Pacific
  • Strong focus on client engagement and relationship building, leading teams to install sustainable changes. Skilled in responding to client cultures and business needs, with demonstrated strength in collaborative approaches.
  • Capabilities include Change Management, Operational Excellence, Process Re-Engineering, Leadership Development & Alignment, Capability Maturity Modelling and Balanced Scorecard Implementation.


  • Financial Services/Services: Back office processes, call centre functions, outsourced business services, targeted media, engineering and design, gaming and wagering
  • Resources/Mining: Underground and open cast mining – coal, lime, gold
  • Heavy Manufacturing: Iron and steel production, coal powered energy generation and associated maintenance, materials preparation and handling, procurement and purchasing functions
  • Sales: Fast moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), consumer, industrial, business equipment, pharmaceuticals
  • Supply Chain: Automotive industry, airline catering
  • Light Manufacturing: Food, confectionery, seafood, packaging, automotive, bolt-making, airline catering, warehousing, pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare: Hospital medical/surgical, pathology, clinics, imaging
  • Logistics: Postal services – collection, sorting, delivery
  • Telecommunications: Internal processes
  • Retail: Retailing, postal services
Greg Bull

E: gbull@coxswainalliance.com

  • Senior Consultant with 20 years industry experience implementing enterprise-wide change initiatives.
  • Track record in leading complex business process improvement, sustainable behavioural change and implementing large scale IT systems projects across all organisational levels.
  • Experienced in implementing large migration & centralisation projects for both business support services and IT systems across Australia, NZ, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.
  • Collaborative approach, leading and developing large cross-functional teams, working alongside clients as a mentor and coach.
  • Capabilities include Change Management, Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Coaching, Training, Business Diagnostic, Strategy and Planning.


  • Financial Services and Insurance: Account services, banking and receipting, credit operations, call centers, claims processing, customer service, new business and underwriting
  • Heavy Manufacturing: Pricing process development, deployment and management, Strategy, IT Systems implementation, Business Process Improvement, Change Management.
  • Retail: Multi-Site Operations Management, Policy & Procedures Development and Deployment, Project Management, POS system roll-out, Training, Sales & Marketing.
  • Franchising: Business Development, Franchise Development, Training, Marketing.
Lain Baigent

E: lbaigent@cosxwainalliance.com

  • 12 Years consulting experience in business analysis, project design and project implementation in Australasia, Africa and North America
  • 8 Years experience in finance and accounting focussing on business performance in private and public Australian firms.
  • Capabilities include strategy evaluation and development, governance implementation, organisational analysis, project design, project management, board advisory & leadership coaching, metric and measurement systems.


  • Resource & Heavy Industry: Nickel concentration, underground copper and gold, open cut coal, coal power generation, remote power systems
  • Retail: Automotive parts, grocery retail
  • Financial Services: Banking information systems, health insurance claims processing
  • Manufacturing: Medical devices, food and beverage, cosmetics, contract injection moulding, pre-fab housing, specialised vehicles, recreational vehicles, consumer products, building products, jetties, cabinet making, manufacturing equipment
  • Health: Dentistry, podiatry
  • Aerospace: Rotary wing modification
  • Services: Safety inspections, mining services, wagering call centre, training
  • Transport: Couriers, General freight, heavy transport, flight catering.
Damian Dent

E: ddent@coxswainalliance.com

  • Strategic, practical and personal consultant with twenty years experience managing people and projects in Financial Services, Outsourcing and Offshoring, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Hospitality.
  • Brings an analytical and consultative approach to challenges with deep experience in operations, process improvement, change and risk management.
  • Capabilities include project management, strategy and operating model design, process improvement, change management, coaching, business case development and risk management.


  • Financial Services and Insurance: Banking, insurance, wealth management, finance, call centres, business continuity, and procurement
  • Outsourcing: 3rd party contract service management, governance, remediation
  • Offshoring: business transformation planning and delivery
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management: end-to-end management of fresh produce (procurement, warehousing, logistics, sale), business start-up, transformation
James Doctor

  • Five years working with businesses in Australia and the USA with experience across professional services, education, hospitality & government.
  • Strong focus on leadership development amongst millennials to improve on-boarding processes , staff engagement and team capabilities.
  • Core competencies include sales management, leadership development emotional intelligence, behavioural change, facilitation, training and coaching


  • Sales: management, business development, Customer relationship management, call centre, account management and training
  • Coaching and mentoring: self management, behaviour change, soft skills, conflict resolution and personal development
  • Leadership development: learning and development, digital learning, strength based training, behavioural profiling and on-boarding programs
  • Education: Masters in Education (Learning & Leadership) and Bachelors Sports Studies in Business.

  • Football fanatic and enjoys waking up at insane hours to watch Liverpool FC
Sam Feltaous

  • Project and Change Manager with over 14 years of experience in Operational Consulting in Australasia, leading projects that delivered significant business performance improvements and transformations.
  • Demonstrated capability and success in analysing organisational issues, partnering with clients to co-develop solutions that meet the business’ needs, linking the change initiatives to the program, guiding the installation and achieving project outcomes with measurable benefits.
  • Capabilities include Project Management, Change Management, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Process Re-engineering, Management Systems, Strategic Procurement, Auditing, Post Implementation Reviews, Project Economics and Business Planning.


  • Financial Services/Services: Life insurance, claims, superannuation, funds management, call centre, customer service
  • Resources/Mining: Copper, coal, Iron, Aluminium processing and wash plants and associated maintenance
  • Heavy Manufacturing: Structural steel, coating and foundry operations, Aluminium extrusion and associated maintenance, maintenance support, procurement, inventory management
  • Light Manufacturing: Bottling, closures, packaging, dairy, warehousing, biscuits, Pulp and paper, corrugated cardboard manufacturing
  • Government: Tax and rates collection, Water Management, Rail Maintenance, Water Treatment and distribution.
  • Oil & Gas: LPG/LNG processing, business analysis and project economics
Iain Kelly

E: ikelly@coxswainalliance.com

  • Consultant with extensive, long term experience working in large and diverse multinational organisations in Australia & Asia Pacific.
  • Twenty years experience working collaboratively with stakeholders and delivering sustainable business improvement results.
  • Capabilities include Business Development, Business Analysis, Change Management, Project Management, Business Planning, and Coaching.


  • Heavy Manufacturing: Pricing, Distribution, Planning & Analysis, Project Management
  • Human Resources: HR Processes, Training & Development
  • Retail: Sales & Marketing, Project Management, Multi-Site Operations, Customer Service, Call Centre Management
  • Wholesale Distribution; Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Operations Management
Trevor Harris

E: tjharris@coxswainalliance.com

  • An integrated engineer and front line manager who brings analytical reasoning, business understanding and leadership development to teams in order to ensure sustainable impact.
  • With 7 years’ experience in Heavy Engineering and Line Management within the Chemical & Energy industry.
  • Capabilities include Process Development, Process Design & Commissioning, Process Operation & Optimisation, Business Modelling, Planning & Scheduling, Asset and People Management, Change Management, Leadership Development, Business Administration and Strategy.


  • Engineering: Business Development & Implementation, Plant Optimization, Management of Change, Root Cause Analysis, Value Chain Optimization.
  • Manufacturing: Inventory Management, Production Scheduling, OH&S, Project Management, Continuous Improvement, Asset Health Monitoring Systems, Work Management Systems.
  • Insurance & Aviation: Strategic Market and Product Development.
  • Lecturing: Reactor Technology.
  • Education: Masters of Business Administration, Bachelors of Science (Chemical Engineering)
Peter Laumets

E: plaumets@coxswainalliance.com

  • Project Manager with eleven years experience in Operational Consulting in Australasia, USA and Europe, focussed on analysing business issues and delivering project results with improvement teams and client management.
  • Analyst with eighteen years experience in Corporate focusing on Business Development, Project Economics and Business Planning.
  • Capabilities include Project Management, Change Management, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, De Bono Six Hats Thinking, Process Re-engineering, Management Systems, Strategic Procurement, Auditing, Post Implementation Reviews, Business Development, Project Economics and Business Planning.


  • Resources/Mining: Copper, coal, nickel, wash plants and associated maintenance
  • Heavy Manufacturing: Structural steel, smelter and foundry operations, nickel concentrating, coal powered energy generation and associated maintenance, aircraft manufacture, maintenance support, procurement, inventory management
  • Light Manufacturing: Bottling, closures, packaging, dairy, seafood, warehousing, biscuits
  • Financial Services/Services: Health /life insurance, claims, banking, call centre, customer service, gaming/wagering
  • Transport: Long distance trucking, routing
  • Government: Harvest readiness, mail distribution
  • Oil & Gas: LPG/Ethane trading and marketing, business development, business analysis and project economics
  • Sales: Wholesale petroleum marketing & distribution
  • Automotive: Imported parts procurement
Simon Lum

E: slum@coxswainalliance.com

  • Business Engagement Lead in Malaysia with 18 years experience in Operational Consulting, demonstrated success in consulting work, analysing business issues and delivering project results with improvement teams and client management.
  • Skill set includes Project Management, Change Management, Operational Excellence , Lean & Six Sigma, Maintenance Excellence, Process Re Engineering, CMMS, Management Systems, Call centre management, Supply chain management.


  • Mining: Copper / Coal / Nickel / Gold / Maintenance
  • Heavy Manufacturing: Structural steel / Smelter and Foundry Operations / Nickel & Copper Concentrating / Aircraft Manufacture / Maintenance support / Ship Building / Aircraft Maintenance / Forest Products / Cement
  • Light Manufacturing: Bottling & Canning / Bakery & Food Production / Packaging / Dairy / Electronics / Warehousing & Distribution / Biscuits & Cakes
  • Financial Services: Health & Life Insurance / Claims processing / Banking Back Office Operations / Call centres / Customer service
  • Transport: Fleet Management & Maintenance / Scheduling
  • Retailing: FMCG / Supply Chain / Customer Service / Sales force management
  • Power generation: Maintenance / Procurement / Inventory management
  • Government: City Hall Transactional & Operational Excellence
Maree Mullins

E: mmullins@coxswainalliance.com

  • Over twenty years experience as a facilitator of change in both corporate and public sector organisations in Australia and Asia. This includes leading project teams in healthcare, energy and manufacturing sectors on ‘whole of company’ change initiatives involving restructuring, culture change, process change and/or new system implementation.
  • Strong focus on Change Management initiatives from scoping needs, designing and developing material to implementation.
  • Capabilities include Change Management, Stakeholder Management, Process Reengineering, Employee Skills Training and Business Improvement.


  • Automotive: Business process re-engineering
  • Financial Services/Insurance: Change management, transformation of back office services, teller sales training, customer service
  • Healthcare: Re-structure for commercialisation (surgical)
  • Infrastructure: Re-structure for commercialisation (power utility), accounts receivables (rail service)
  • Light Manufacturing/Packaging: Waste/yield management, portion control
  • Manufacturing: Waste/yield management, quality control
  • Mining: Operational safety, waste/yield management, change management for new system implementation
  • Retail: Sales and customer service training
  • Services: Change management for new system implementation, customer service training
Sheila Nguyen

Dr Sheila Nguyen has had several learning opportunities in life (aka missteps & mistakes), and as a result, she is continually motivated to do things better over time.  As a firm believer in the aphorism, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats,’ she enthusiastically shares her love for learning with others so that everyone will lift to ‘their own greatness.’

Her learning opportunities came from working with licensing/marketing (PGA Tour, USA), corporate consulting (William Morris Agency, Beverly Hills, USA), and as part of the broadcasting team at the 2010 Asian Games (Guangzhou, China) with clients such as NHK, Al-Jazeera, KBS, and CCTV. Sheila is a member of Baseball Victoria’s Board of Directors and is part of the Committee for Melbourne business leadership program. She is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate certified (since 2011) and recently passed her National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) assessor exam.

Her adrenaline comes from being the Director of the Master of Business (Sport Management) Program at Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia) and in her role as the Executive Director of Sports Environment Alliance (SEA), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to leading, educating and empowering the sport industry and its partners in ecological consciousness. 

She enjoys moonlighting as a Coxswain Alliance team member!

Andrew de Oliveira

E: adeoliveira@coxswainalliance.com

  • Passionate and engaging consultant with twenty years global experience in senior business line management.
  • Track record in leading and developing large and diverse teams through significant change, including migration and consolidation of IT systems and business support services across multiple markets.
  • Capabilities include Business Development, Call Centre Operations, Sales and Marketing, Corporate Planning and Strategy, Stakeholder Management and Change Management.


  • Downstream Oil: Network Development, Operations, Fuel Card Programs and Systems, Planning and Strategy
  • Financial Services: Operations, Call Centre, Business Development, Relationship Management, Card/Payment Systems and Processes
  • Franchising: Sales and Marketing, Franchise Development
  • Retail: FMCG, Multi-site Operations, issuing and acquiring of Credit Card Payments, Loyalty Programs
Justin Osmotherly

E: josmotherly@coxswainalliance.com

  • Consultant with seven years experience improving the operations of large multinational and government owned corporations in Australia, U.K, Germany and China.
  • Proven communication and analysis skills with solid experience gathering requirements, facilitating workshops, and designing solutions to generate value for stakeholders through a collaborative approach.
  • Experienced liaising between business and technology departments to enable and deliver operational efficiencies through streamlining product offerings, improving processes and aligning incentives to desired management behaviours.
  • Capabilities include process mapping, process improvement, organisational change, product management, due diligence management, decision support, procurement management, financial modelling and training.


  • Utilities: Trading, Wholesale/Retail transfer pricing, Billing, Operations, IT, Sales and Marketing, Corporate Finance
  • Energy: Venture capital strategy, Innovation Strategy
  • Chemicals: Sustainability strategy
  • Fashion: Market entry strategy
  • Financial Services: FX back office processes, Check processing, Corporate Actions, Share registry call centre
Charlie Roach

E: croach@coxswainalliance.com

  • Consultant with over 20 years’ international experience across multiple industries in senior and executive management and consulting roles.
  • Compelling leadership skills, sound commercial acumen and strategic thinking have contributed to a solid track record of significantly improving business outcomes and robust people development.
  • Capabilities include Project and Change Management, Management Systems Design, Process Improvement, Organisational and Leadership Development.


  • Contact Centres: Outsourcing and In-House, Workforce Management, Vendor Management, Operations, Sales and Customer Service, Shared Services Management (Quality Assurance, Contracts, Procurement), Client Relationship Management, Project Management, Technology, new business acquisitions
  • Product Distribution: FMCG, Industrial Products, Scientific Products.
  • Insurance, Technology Services, Telecommunications, Education, Energy, Retail.
Caty Scott

E: cscott@coxswainalliance.com

  • A strategic advisor and project manager with 17 years experience in top tier banks and professional services consulting.
  • Chartered Accountant with an ability to lead teams and strategic change programs across a range of banking services (retail, business, institutional and markets, wealth management, treasury, finance, and security).
  • Brings a consultative practical approach to resolve business challenges and a strong commercial acumen with deep experience in strategy, process improvement, finance and risk management.
  • Capabilities include project management, strategy and operating model design, process improvement, change management, coaching, business case development and risk management.


  • Financial Services: banking, insurance, wealth management, finance, call centres, business continuity, and procurement
Stas Tsaloukis
  • 25 years in Business Unit, General Management and B2B Industrial Sales leadership roles in Australia.
  • Track record of highly effective stewardship of complex, technically focused businesses for major corporates, meeting sales, operational and HSE objectives.
  • Experience in leading transformational change – managing business restructures and acquisitions, achieving sustainable HSE improvements and directing business activities into more productive and profitable areas. Development of national customer service KPI’s to refocus branch level activity to meet customer retention targets and digital marketing initiatives
  • Values driven, collaborative management approach, with a focus on developing cross functional teams to improve co-ordination business effectiveness.
  • Capabilities: Business Diagnostics and Analysis, Strategy and Planning, Change Management, Project Management, Stakeholder Management, Process Re-Engineering, Balanced Scorecard Implementation, Coaching and Mentoring front line managers.


  • Downstream energy industry: Operations and Sales.
  • Sales: National and Regional B2B industrial sales: selling into SMEs through to corporates (transport, mining, manufacturing, retail).
  • Supply Chain: Bulk hazardous liquid and packaged goods transport.
  • Development of, and improvement in, customer facing Policies and Procedures
  • Health, Safety, Environment, OHS
  • ISO 9001 Customer Service Management system
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management system
Melissa Wilkinson

E: mwilkinson@coxswainalliance.com

  • Senior Consultant and Project Leader with ten years consulting experience working on projects ranging from organisational redesign, IT strategy, employee engagement and cultural change.
  • Demonstrated success in analysing the client organisation, partnering with clients to develop solutions that meet the business’ needs and delivering project outcomes to achieve measurable benefits.
  • Capabilities include Change Management, Operational Improvement and Excellence, Facilitation and Training, Coaching, Organisational Development, Learning and Development, Project Management.


  • Financial Services: Back office processes, customer services
  • Healthcare: Medical centres, pathology, imaging, clinical trials
  • Human Resources: HR processes, learning and development, organisational development
  • IT: IT strategy
  • Manufacturing: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – pulp and paper
  • Resources/Mining: Bauxite, alumina
  • Retail: Multi-location retail stores, multi-location light industrial/co-operative
  • Sales: FMCG
Philip Wong

E: pwong@coxswainalliance.com

  • Senior Consultant and Project Leader with over ten years professional experience in military, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and resources sectors.
  • Frontline management experience in manufacturing, services and military environments.
  • Currently a serving officer in the Australian Army Reserve having held both leadership and instructional postings.
  • Capabilities include Operational Analysis, Process Mapping, Operational Excellence, Training, Coaching, Leadership Development, Strategy Development, Change Management, Quality Management, Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Team & Project Management


  • Financial Services and Insurance: Back office processes, call centers, claims processing, customer service, new business and underwriting
  • Healthcare: Cord blood banking, cold chain logistics and distribution, medical laboratory services, clinical trials, QC/QA systems, research and development
  • International Aid/Development: Capacity development, strategic communication, liaison, impact assessments
  • Manufacturing: Pharmaceuticals, Quality systems development and management
  • Military: Operations planning, operations evaluation, command, training and instruction, civil-military co-operation, civil-military liaison
  • Resources/Mining: Open cut mining, drilling and blasting, coal processing, alumina refining
  • Services: Analytical laboratory services, community relations, emergency services, environmental services, human resources
  • Utilities: Electricity, water
Chris Yates

E: cyates@coxswainalliance.com

  • Consultant with ten years professional experience in operations management in financial services environments including superannuation, insurance, managed investments and employee share schemes.
  • Strong track record in leading business process redesign initiatives leading to reduced costs and improved business performance.
  • Strong analysis and strategy skills with experience in application to improve operations performance in the areas of cycle times, quality, productivity, customer service and satisfaction.
  • Capabilities include Leadership, Coaching, Leadership Development, Strategy Development, Management Operating Systems, Process Improvement, Change Management and Project Management.


  • Financial Services: Administration, relationship management, call centre, document management, remediation
  • Education & Training: Secondary education
  • Television Production: Directing, producing
What our clients say

...on rolling our sleeves up

“From the outset, the consultant project team differentiated themselves by embedding themselves within the existing Futuris supply chain teams. Through this successful integration, they were able to both drive change and assist with the re-engineering of the supply chain processes.” Mark De Wit, Managing Director, Futuris Automotive Group Ltd

...on engaging for results

“...the people teamed up with on-site personnel in a manner that delivered a successful project. They applied a systematic process that not only engaged line management but enabled the project to be seen to be driven by senior management, including myself. They were able to mobilise quickly to implement agreed changes whilst weekly working committee meetings allowed for regular feedback and decision making. Part of what they did included project branding and communications through appropriate mediums as newsletters and posters that kept the wider population informed...” Mark Heaton, General Manager Open Cut Operations, Anglo American Metallurgical Coal