Core services

Every organisation and industry is different. Every organisation has nuances specific to their own industry – so there can be no template solution. But there are some fundamental issues that affect all organisations when faced with leveraging greater productivity. Our core services address these fundamental issues. Your solution may require a combination of some or all of our services. Let’s talk about your immediate issues – with an eye on your big picture.


Process optimisation

Analysing, re-designing and implementing new processes to better service your customers.

Tools for managing more effectively

Enhancing and implementing new ways of managing your processes to reduce costs, increase efficiency and streamline decision-making. Ensuring your people have the suitable tools to make decisions, increase productivity and reduce costs.


Navigating change

Supporting people through the change, ensuring their understanding and engagement as well as setting out roles and accountabilities.

Executive alignment

Aligning executive teams to strategic goals, and planning for the execution of those strategies, including what role the executive will play.


Developing leadership and management capability

Interventions and programs to provide the organisation’s leaders with the requisite skills to operate more effectively and have greater impact. Give your people the skills they need.


Coaching of your managers – and implementing internal coaching processes – to ensure the ongoing development and support of your people in new ways of doing things. This is to ensure you effectively maintain momentum


Learning and e-Learning

How do you provide your people with the required training and development? Can you also translate your learning approaches to the e-environment? There are increasing pressures from people in all organisations for e-Solutions to all things, including how they manage their development.

Complementary services

We have built relationships with a range of organisations that complement our ability to deliver to a range of needs of our clients. Rather than seeking to be ‘all things to all people’, we recognise that at times we need to work with other resources to deliver to your needs.







What our clients say

Highly collaborative, comprehensive and practical approach to managing change

“The management operating system implementation required impacted teams to make fundamental changes to the way they worked. These teams were very well supported throughout the transition process through a comprehensive and responsive change management program that featured leadership engagement, interactive training, performance support and ongoing two-way communication. The Coxswain team brought a highly practical and hands-on approach towards the management of change, and worked professionally and collaboratively with the broader business to implement and embed the new ways of working. Their flexibility in responding to changes in priority and providing extra support in key areas on an ad-hoc basis was greatly appreciated” Lachlan Coakes, Change Manager, Financial Services

Hands on, pragmatic

“...we ourselves could have delivered a training program, however, it was one of those things that we would never have gotten around to doing, There was a very ‘hands-on’, practical approach to training and coaching that was well received by the team.” Graeme York, CEO International Power – Hazelwood

Spread of benefits

“The major areas of focus were in working capital reduction, order lead-time analysis reduction, freight optimisation, distribution centre labour utilisation and the optimisation of ordering and safety stock levels.” Mark De Wit, Managing Director, Futuris Automotive Group Ltd