Sector results

Results are important, they speak volumes. However, the journey getting to the results is just as important. The organisation remembers the journey long after the benefits. Just talk to our clients who have ‘lived’ thru a Coxswain Alliance project. Their consistent feedback is that the Coxswain Alliance installation project journey is important factor in achieving sustainable bottom line results.

The kind of results our clients expect are varied – there is no such thing as a typical project. We deal in both the hard and soft results, the tangible and the intangible. The calibre of our people and the strength of our methodologies enable Coxswain Alliance to deliver on both types of results. Installation is about changing the status quo, and realising improved results. A significant number, perhaps as much as 70%, of change programs fail to deliver projected results. What should you be looking for in a consulting partner to help you deliver improved results?

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What our clients say

...on disciplined analysis

“The team is very much data driven and used a variety of statistical tools and techniques to drive improvements. The major areas of focus were in working capital reduction, order lead-time analysis and reduction, freight optimisation, distribution centre labour utilisation and the optimisation of ordering and safety stock levels.” Mark De Wit, Managing Director, Futuris Automotive Group Ltd

...on delivering results quickly

“...we improved quickly after start-up, from our wash plant throughput rate to our operating utilization, root causes of what was happening were very quickly identified and the team were able to get on top of it, we saw results within about 3 weeks...” Mark Heaton, General Manager Open Cut Operations, Anglo American Metallurgical Coal

...on clear goals, measuring regularly

“...the project enabled us to bring focus to the areas expected to make improvement, this was supported by setting clear (financial) goals and agreeing measures designed to track performance improvements against existing levels...” Graeme York, CEO International Power – Hazelwood

...on making the change stick

“ of the main drivers for the project was to make improvements that were going to ‘stick’, after 6 weeks we started to talk about sustainability. We developed a system of regular reviews with actions for all managers involved in the process, including myself. I get a traffic light report monthly, that is now part of our own internal processes, that tells me whether people are doing what they should be doing to ensure that we are maintaining the systems. I’m very comfortable here. We have locked it in and I am really am seeing some fantastic results...” Mark Heaton, General Manager Open Cut Operations, Anglo American Metallurgical Coal

...on going the extra mile

“All of the project deliverables were not only achieved but resulted in improved and standardised processes which are now a key element of our supply chain practices. This has delivered a step change in the performance and consistency of our supply chain teams and practices. In addition to the above, a professional, user-friendly, and intranet based training program was developed specifically for Futuris’ supply chain processes and ERP system.” Mark De Wit, Managing Director, Futuris Automotive Group Ltd