Financial Services

Task – Back Office Processing | Management Operating System Implementation Implement a consistent approach to managing the back office operations across two recently merged financial [...]


Task – Refining | Productivity & Workforce Skills Deployment In preparation for a major expansion, a leading resources company identified the need to restructure their labour force. [...]


Task – Quality Improvement | Training & Skills Transfer Global hotel chain needing to install quality improvement tools and techniques across 65+ properties. Project activity involved: [...]


Task – Turnaround | Business Review & Viability Independent and realistic assessment of likelihood that this business function could be returned to profitability. Project activity [...]


Task – Contact Centres | Diagnostic and Strategy Rapid and independent assessment of call volume levers and tactics to reduce or mitigate those calls. Project activity involved: Established [...]


Task – Policies & Procedure | Strategy Implementation Alignment of key players through documenting preferred ways of working to overcome differing opinions and inform networks. Project [...]

Infrastructure (PE Venture)

Task – Operations Model | Strategy Enabled New Resources sector venture lacked clarity of alignment in preferred operating model to drive stakeholder engagement. Project activity involved: [...]