Task – Turnaround | Business Review & Viability

Independent and realistic assessment of likelihood that this business function could be returned to profitability.

Project activity involved:

  • A rapid assessment of the true state of the pipeline of work and what management disciplines were required to stabilise the business.
  • A realistic pipeline established, which clarified where effort needed to focussed.
  • Assistance to close branches and communicate with clients.
  • Recommendation of a new operating model be put in place to guide efforts of staff to driving volume into the business, including basic management tools.
  • Coaching and direction provided to the new GM.

Insight – Clarity of what drives activity and revenue is important to focus operations – as is the right metrics.

Result – Realistic sales pipeline and options to reduce footprint and costs.

Task – Technology Rollout | Project Management

Prevention of IT roll-out delay due to lack of critical organisational data input.

Project activity involved:

  • Establish the operational information required and develop an approach to rapidly gather it in line with the IT rollout schedule.
  • Installation of a disciplined process and tools brought the operational component back on schedule within 4 weeks.
  • Increased accuracy of required operational data.
  • Highlighted unforeseen risks, allowing for early action.

Insight – A simple focus on what is required and a dedicated resource to deliver it can overcome organisational inertia.

Result – Project management and critical path re-established and on track.

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