Task – Operations Model | Strategy Enabled

New Resources sector venture lacked clarity of alignment in preferred operating model to drive stakeholder engagement.

Project activity involved:

  • Establishing an operating model that met the needs of a range of diverse internal stakeholders.
  • Resolving the lack of clarity on what the value proposition was, to allow all facets of the venture to work to a common model.
  • The project team facilitated a process for leadership to develop an aligned view of a conceptual operating model.
  • This enabled to allow operations and business development to work more closely and more clearly.
  • Developed action plans to drive alignment internally and with key external stakeholders.
  • Presented more consistent message to external stakeholders.

Insight – An enterprise wide view of an operation can expose and correct divergence in thinking, which if left unfixed, can confuse external stakeholders.

Result – Clarity on future operating model and external stakeholder needs.

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