Task – Policies & Procedure | Strategy Implementation

Alignment of key players through documenting preferred ways of working to overcome differing opinions and inform networks.

Project activity involved:

  • Consistent and comprehensive documentation of key processes that impacted how the utility delivered to its customer base.
  • Engagement process to expose hidden agendas and align leaders and functions.
  • Easy-to-use flows and quick tips, to facilitate understanding and consistent delivery.
  • Aligned user group, who owned the new processes.

Insight – An independent arbiter can overcome organisational silo mentality to assist in driving alignment on how to deliver a service.

Result – Clarity of process, speed and consistency of decision making.

Task – Organisational Role Clarity | Engagement & Direction

Role clarification exercise to improve the working relationships between Operations and Engineering.

Project activity involved:

  • Using a RACI format as a means for the organisation to lead a review of roles and responsibilities to clarify responsibility and accountability.
  • ‘Redrawing of the boundaries’ and a clarification of what was required, overlaps and gaps in accountability and productivity opportunities.
  • The structure was refreshed and reorganised with a greater focus on operating performance and collaboration.
  • Actioning and enhancement of the Genco’s lean visual management implementation.

Insight – RACI establishment led to improved cross functional cooperation.

Result – Increased management engagement and direction.

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