Charlie Roach
What did you value about working with CA?
Working with the diverse team at Coxswain Alliance has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had as a consultant. Their collaborative and outcome-driven approach suits the mindset I have on consulting – which is to deliver implementable (not conceptual) advice and be a part of realising the results. This is coupled with a people-centred way of working that leverages existing strengths as well as uplifting the skills of people within client organisations. I find this aspect of the work particularly satisfying and I am incredibly proud of the work that we have delivered together.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to explore the world of consulting?

  • Get clear on your strengths and the value you deliver – this is the stepping stone for everything.
  • Try to keep moving outside your comfort zone and taking on accountabilities that you may not feel completely ready for – that’s where the growth and learning lies.
  • Feel no shame in asking for help and be truthful (with yourself and your teammates) when you feel overwhelmed – their support accelerates the growth and learning.
How did you get the work-life balance when working in consulting and supporting a daughter through high school?
A fundamental requirement was to be part of an organisation that supports the balance like Coxswain Alliance.
I chose to work part-time to quarantine periods for family and other pursuits. Along with that, finding the right work-life balance was a case of daily decisions. When I made the right choices, I set clear boundaries, re-set those boundaries when necessary, made sure I was super-organised so I could be as productive as possible, and made sure I communicated and managed my stakeholders very well.
This next one is a bit personal but it was important so I will share it. I also had to find a way to discern and connect with the part of my identity outside my professional career to support getting my priorities right.

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