Nina Huchthausen


What did I find most stimulating about partnering with CA? 

What I’ve loved most about teaming up with CA is the incredible professionalism and strategic thinking that runs through the whole team. My first project kicked off in May 2023, where I got to work alongside Damien Dent. We went deep into analysing a client’s current state, unravelling the gaps, and spotting the opportunities within their organisation. The coolest part for me was how we could geek out together, looking at the situation from different angles, and then boil it all down to the essentials. No fluff, just a straightforward, easy-to-understand action plan. It’s not just about impressive strategies; it’s about making it real for the client, something they can actually implement and see results fast. The CA team does not only talk the talk but walk it too. Their operational excellence and down-to-earth approach shine through in everything they do. It’s been a blast seeing how their practical lens translates into real, tangible results for clients.


How does your background or expertise married to the CA, offering now, your background and expertise lies in?

My journey in the tech industry has been all about working with technology companies at the executive level, helping them navigate the path to growth and scale. I specialise in rolling out business strategies, building & refining processes, and supporting executive leadership to adopt & promote & lead the change. What really got me excited about joining the CA team was the chance to bring that strategic mindset to the table. It’s not just about day-to-day operations for me; it’s about looking at the bigger picture of an organisation. Every organisation needs a clear roadmap—knowing where they’re headed and what they want to achieve on a bigger scale. Without that bird’s-eye view, operational changes might make things run smoother but might not get them closer to those big-picture goals. That’s where I come in. My expertise is all about empowering teams to make decisions that not only improve day-to-day operations but also align with the larger organisational objectives. It’s about making sure that every change we make is a step towards hitting those broader organisational goals. And that’s what I find truly exciting—helping organisations not just better their current state but smash their bigger goals and targets.

How do you juggle a child and living working remotely?

Juggling remote work and parenting is like mastering a daily puzzle for me. I’m all about staying organised and avoiding chaos—every minute counts. Working from wherever lets me play to my strengths, making sure I can do both deep thinking work and execution within the time I have available each day. Occasionally flying out  to different cities isn’t just about work; it’s a bit of ‘me time,’ connecting with the team & clients and gaining a fresh perspective. As my little man grows, it’s much easier for him to spend a couple of nights just with dad, and he’s absolutely loving the change. Taking breaks from family life recharges me, and I come back with a clear head.  While I am definitely not great at Trivia, I can definitely say I’ve got a knack for organisation, planning, strategic thinking, and efficient execution. 

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