Tell us a bit about your pre–Coxswain Alliance days. What did your experience entail before joining Coxswain Alliance?

I started as an auditor with Ernst & Young before migrating to Australia. In Australia, I worked for several international companies in IT, Legal and consulting Industries as Regional Financial Controller before joining Coxswain Alliance. My roles as Regional Financial Controller involved managing finance teams in various countries, overseeing the regions’ financial activities and providing financial guidance to the business leaders. 


What makes Coxswain Alliance a great place for women to work?

Coxswain Alliance provides equal opportunities for career development and growth to all employees and recognitions is based on performance.


How is work-life balance and employee well-being prioritised?

While Coxswain’s focus is on the clients and supporting their needs, management encourages the staff to set their own work patterns, this includes when they work and where they work.


What has been your favourite moment at Coxswain Alliance?

There have been so many that I could not pick one. What I continue to enjoy at Coxswain Alliance is the series of sales, consulting & coaching skills training sessions that are provided to employees. These trainings help everyone in the organisation to develop and advance their technical skills. 


How does Coxswain Alliance foster a sense of community and camaraderie among consultants, both within and across project teams?

Experienced colleagues are assigned to the new hires as buddies, this helps the new hire to understand the culture of the company and seek guidance when required. Weekly Friday meetings are held to share the project pipeline, sales opportunities and project updates. 


Automation can enable your organisation to do more  

Australian unemployment is currently at 3.5%, its lowest ever in four decades.  However, businesses reported a 40% increase in operating expenses over the last month and 39% of businesses reported they expect the price of their goods and services to increase over the next three months.  This is the time to consider workplace automation for your organisation by reducing and sometimes eliminating activities. Doing so provides time and headspace back, enabling your staff to focus solely on activities that matter and are critical to customer outcomes. Effectively, automation will support your business to be the best it can be.

Benefits of automation include:

  • Reducing workload and promoting business-critical productivity
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces cost
  • Increases output
  • Promotes efficiencies
  • Increases worker engagement
  • Optimises skill use and skillsets
  • Reduction in manual human error

Wondering whether Automation can help you?

Automation is fast becoming (if not already) a part of every business’s future plan to lead the charge in serving their customers in the most effective and efficient ways possible. A recent study found that 31% of businesses have already fully automated at least one function. Now, more than ever, leaders should be considering where work can be automated so that their people can focus on what truly matters.

Do you think Automation can benefit you? Find out more about how Coxswain Alliance and ThinkAutomation can help you, visit us at https://www.coxswainalliance.com/contact/

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