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Take more control over your processes by implementing tools that support operational excellence with ThinkAutomation software

What is ThinkAutomation?

ThinkAutomation is an open-ended, internal automation platform that runs on your own servers, across your own systems, and behind your own firewalls.

It quietly connects your systems and runs your workflows automatically and in the background. Once configured, it will run uninterrupted and in the background ever after.

ThinkAutomation allows you to make your own rules

The software is built to be fully customised, allowing you to set all the rules and tell it exactly what you want it to do.

By creating simple ‘if’/’then’ rules and using drag and drop triggers and actions, you can create simple or complex workflows with a couple of clicks.

ThinkAutomation will receive inbound messages, files, and data and process them accordingly. It will then automaticallysend out the appropriate, predetermined response.


Build your own custom workflows, from single actions to integrated, multi-action processes.


Automatically prioritise tasks, and ensure the action taken is accurate and consistent every time.


Remove manual-heavy processes and replace them with quick and efficient automation techniques.

ThinkAutomation’s 3 step process


Everything you received (including messages and database changes) all pass through ThinkAutomation


ThinkAutomation sorts and processes every piece of information it receives


ThinkAutomation uses your rules to send the relevant responses and the right follow-up actions

Discover more about ThinkAutomation, how it works, and what it can deliver for your business

ThinkAutomation monitors and acts on business events. In simple terms, it can get things, process things and send things – freeing up your managers and teams from labour-intensive and repetitive tasks. It can also provide consistency in more complex activities such as analysing the sentiment in correspondence.


Pull data from multiple databases to run follow-up tasks automatically


Categorise, prioritise and analyse information and store it accordingly


Automatically process  files and complete file management


Keep IT up to date with automatic, routine upgrade checks


Translate files from over 40 languages and safely store translations


Create a ticketing system  that is automated and run by the software

For a more detailed list of actions ThinkAutomation can do click, here

  • Make your own rules to have it support your specific needs
  • The scope of integrations and actions makes thousands of workflows achievable
  • It works across databases, CRMs, telephony, web APIs, mail servers and countless more systems
  • You can bridge your systems and automate your manual processes
  • Free up more time by eliminating time-consuming manual processes
  • Supports organisational efficiency and cultural change

ThinkAutomation is made to make things easier, so it’s designed to be compatible with all your existing software.

ThinkAutomation is brought to you by Coxswain Alliance, but it was brought to life by Parker Software.

Parker Software are the creators of ThinkAutomation, and a proud partner of Coxswain Alliance. Starting as a tool built for internal purposes when no existing tool could be found, Parker Software has transformed ThinkAutomation into an awardwinning, automation platform used by thousands of businesses in over 100 countries.

Used by some of the world’s premier organisations

Coxswain Alliance and ThinkAutomation

At Coxswain Alliance, we help our clients realise tangible operational benefits through working with them to implement improvements in the operations-enabling domains of People,Process, System and Structure.

ThinkAutomation is a key element of our digital offering aimed at simplifying complexity in the Process domain, offering organisations an unparalleled ability to rapidly implement and scale a sustainable, fully-customisable process automation capability for their business operations with minimal technical expertise.

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If you at the end of your trial you can’t imagine life without it, you can purchase the license and keep your existing setup and rules.

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