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Who We Are

People are our differentiator

“Who will be on the team?” It’s the question virtually every prospective client asks, and you may be wondering the same thing. After all, people can be the differentiator between brilliant project outcomes and mediocre ones. That’s why we assess your organisation’s unique needs and then deploy our people accordingly. Pairing clients with “best-fit” team members lays the foundation for a collaborative relationship that yields results— it’s just one more way Coxswain Alliance does things differently.

While each member of Coxswain Alliance offers unique skills and expertise it is through our combined efforts, in partnership with you and your people, that we work as the highest performing team and achieve optimal results for your organisation.


Who we are not

If you’re looking for a mega-agency whose consultants step-in and hand you a prescription for your ills, we’re not the right fit. We’re a lean agency with a closely-knit team of people who work in tandem with your team to resolve your organisation’s pain points.

The Team


Jonathan Clegg

  • Consulting Engagement Leader with sixteen years experience in Operational Consulting in Australasia, South Africa, USA, Europe and Asia.
  • Strong focus on engaging consulting work, analysing business issues and delivering project results with business improvement teams.
  • Capabilities include Change Management, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Process Re-engineering, Leadership Development & Alignment, Capability Maturity Modelling and Balanced Scorecard Implementation.


  • Underground and Open Cast Mining: Gold, coal, nickel
  • Heavy Manufacturing: Structural steel, pulp and paper, packaging – secondary, smelter and foundry operations, nickel concentrating, alumina refining, aircraft manufacture
  • Maintenance: Mining and heavy industry
  • Health: Safety Environment Community, OHS
  • Light Manufacturing: Food, wine, confectionery, poultry, dairy and ice cream, baked goods, seafood, swimwear and underwear, clothing and sportswear
  • Printing and Packaging: Primary, coatings (paint and PVC, adhesives)
  • Financial Services: Insurance, banking, financial planning, call centres
  • Telecommunications: Fixed line and mobile
  • Transport: Yellow Fleet, rail operations, long distance trucking
  • Retailing: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), fashion, postal and agency business

Peter Braithwaite

  • Consulting Engagement Leader with twenty years international experience in Operational Consulting and Management in Australasia, USA, South Africa, Asia and the Pacific
  • Strong focus on client engagement and relationship building, leading teams to install sustainable changes. Skilled in responding to client cultures and business needs, with demonstrated strength in collaborative approaches.
  • Capabilities include Change Management, Operational Excellence, Process Re-Engineering, Leadership Development & Alignment, Capability Maturity Modelling and Balanced Scorecard Implementation.


  • Financial Services/Services: Back office processes, call centre functions, outsourced business services, targeted media, engineering and design, gaming and wagering
  • Resources/Mining: Underground and open cast mining – coal, lime, gold
  • Heavy Manufacturing: Iron and steel production, coal powered energy generation and associated maintenance, materials preparation and handling, procurement and purchasing functions
  • Sales: Fast moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), consumer, industrial, business equipment, pharmaceuticals
  • Supply Chain: Automotive industry, airline catering
  • Light Manufacturing: Food, confectionery, seafood, packaging, automotive, bolt-making, airline catering, warehousing, pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare: Hospital medical/surgical, pathology, clinics, imaging
  • Logistics: Postal services – collection, sorting, delivery
  • Telecommunications: Internal processes
  • Retail: Retailing, postal services

David Pentecost

  • Senior business improvement professional with over 20 years experience in business analysis, system design, project and people management and operational improvement.
  • Capabilities in management principles such as TQM, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing are used to design and implement bespoke
    Management Operating Systems that assist managers to identify, act and realise improvement opportunities.
  • Possess high-level skills in change management, organisational & cultural development, management training, and mentoring.
  • Experience extends across a wide range of business sectors, including Manufacturing, Construction, Mining, Health, Maintenance, Food manufacturing and processing, Insurance, Telecommunications and various service industries.


  • Underground and Open Cut Mining: Gold, coal, nickel
  • Manufacturing: Steel, kitchens, brick and block, pipes
  • Construction: Civil, commercial
  • Services: Printing and packaging, pallets
  • Utilities: Water, telecommunications
  • Food Processing: Poultry, dairy, baked goods, vitamins
  • Financial Services: Insurance
  • Healthcare: Medical centres, pathology, imaging, assistance call centres
  • Transport: Rail operations

Chris Banks

  • A trusted advisor with a penchant for being better each day; 10+ years experience helping leading companies in Financial Services improve service and reduce costs by lifting the performance of staff, systems and processes.
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Lean practitioner with Scrum, Agile and Waterfall experience.
  • Worked both as a frontline manager leading operational teams and as a Process Improvement and Automation manager, assisting colleagues to deliver change.
  • Customer-centric process and performance leader and coach, with experience delivering improvements across leading financial services organisations. 
  • An approachable person who doesn’t let ego get in the way of progress; known for finding out-of-the-box solutions and facilitating light bulb moments. A strong sense of justice enables the use of facts to make decisions whilst retaining a human touch.


  • Banking: includes Debt Markets, Equities and Futures, Foreign Exchange, Credit Card Disputes, Reconciliations
  • Life Insurance: includes Direct, Retail and Group sales channels; Underwriting, Claims, Contact Centres, Complaints
  • Superannuation: includes Payments, Pensions, Contributions, Insurance & Claims, Contact Centres

Damien Dent

  • Strategic, practical and personal consultant with twenty years experience managing people and projects in Financial Services, Outsourcing and Offshoring, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and Hospitality.
  • Brings an analytical and consultative approach to challenges with deep experience in operations, process improvement, change and risk management.
  • Capabilities include project management, strategy and operating model design, process improvement, change management, coaching, business case development and risk management.


  • Financial Services and Insurance: Banking, insurance, wealth management, finance, call centres, business continuity, and procurement
  • Outsourcing: 3rd party contract service management, governance, remediation
  • Offshoring: business transformation planning and delivery
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management: end-to-end management of fresh produce (procurement, warehousing, logistics, sale), business start-up, transformation

Divy Gupta

  • Consultant with 7 years professional experience in operations excellence in manufacturing industry including automobile, FMCG and rail sector.
  • Comprehensive experience in improving business processes through data and business analytics focusing on cost reduction while optimising quality.
  • Worked as Industrial Engineer managing operational teams, helping them in new manufacturing facilities setup and labour hour reductions.
  • Capabilities include Process improvement, Project Management, Business Transformation, Data Analytics, Strategy Development, Facility Design and Plant Setup, Lean Six Sigma,
    Leadership, Coaching and Management Operating Systems.


  • Automobile Manufacturing: Ergonomics study and improvement, Motion and time study, Line balancing and Lean management
  • Rail Equipment Manufacturing: Production line setup, New technology introduction, Business analytics, Process automation and improvement, 5S and Lean implementation
  • Rail Maintenance: Process redesign and optimisation, Value engineering, Waste reduction, Standardisation , Change management and Quality control.
  • Startup and Innovation: Business development and Business validation.

Trevor Harris

  • An integrated engineer and front line manager who brings analytical reasoning, business understanding and leadership development to teams in order to ensure sustainable impact.
  • With 7 years’ experience in Heavy Engineering and Line Management within the Chemical & Energy industry.
  • Capabilities include Process Development, Process Design & Commissioning, Process Operation & Optimisation, Business Modelling, Planning & Scheduling, Organisational Reviews & Capacity Modelling, Asset and People Management, Change Management, Leadership Development, Business Administration and Strategy.


  • Engineering: Business Development & Implementation, Plant Optimization, Management of Change, Root Cause Analysis, Value Chain Optimization
  • Manufacturing: Inventory Management, Production Scheduling, OH&S, Project Management, Continuous Improvement, Asset Health Monitoring Systems, Work Management Systems
  • Lecturing: Reactor Technology
  • Education: Masters of Business Administration, Bachelors of Science (Chemical Engineering)
  • Aviation: Product Development
  • Resources/Mining: Open cut mining, coal production, planning
  • Financial Services & Insurance: Back office processes, claims processing, quality assurance, call centres
  • Not-for-Profit: Community Housing
  • Utilities: Water

Mike Kofoed

  • Eight years of front-line leadership roles in the Canadian wood products manufacturing industry, engaging operations crews in the pursuit of safety and production targets. Two years in Australia completing an MBA and taking on projects in financial services, defence and search funds (entrepreneurship through acquisition).
  • Hands-on experience of working on the shop floor, communicating KPIs and championing actions to move those KPIs
  • Capabilities include Operational Improvement, Production Data Gathering, Financial Statement Analysis, Quality Control, Training and Development, Occupational Health & Safety program delivery, Site Environmental Regulation.


  • Heavy Manufacturing: Plywood, Veneer, Lumber, Plant Maintenance Functions, Shipping and Finished Product Inventory Management
  • Resources: Forestry Layout, Harvesting, Hauling, Log Yard Management
  • Financial Services: Customer Journey Maps
  • Defence: Beneficiary Discovery
  • Education: Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Wood Products Processing

Aarsheya Gupta

  • Consultant with 7 years’ experience across telecom, IT and education industries, government, and startups in Australia, North America and Asia.
  • Certified Project Management Professional and ICP – Agile Coach
  • Experience in improving business processes by placing restrictive adherence to theoretical frameworks like agile, waterfall and scrum and promoting the use of customised, pragmatic, and flexible fit-for-purpose models.
  • Capabilities include Project Management, Business Transformation, Process Optimisation and Improvement, Business Development, Administration and Strategy and Marketing Management.


  • Telecom: Business Transformation, Process Optimisation and Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Project Management
  • Startup and Innovation: Business Development, Strategy, Product Development, Marketing, Business Processes, Partnerships, Venture Funding
  • Information Technology: Product Development (Software-as-a-Service and Web/Mobile Apps), Marketing, Sales, Content Management
  • Education industry: Product Development (Web/Mobile Apps), Marketing, Business Development, PR
  • Education: MBA, Bachelor’s in Engineering (Industrial Engineering)

John Mullany

  • Senior Consultant with over twenty years experience in Operational Consulting in Australia, the Pacific, Africa, the United Kingdom and Canada, focussed on the design and sustainable implementation of various initiatives, including business performance improvement, organisational cultural alignment, revenue enhancement, cost reduction, business process engineering and service quality uplift.
  • Experienced partner to senior management teams working to implement broad-based organisational alignment and transformation across diverse cultures and stakeholder groups.
  • Capabilities include Project Management (PMBOK), Change Management, Operational Excellence, Process Re-engineering, Maintenance and Shutdown Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Organisational Re-Design, KPI/Balanced Scorecard Performance Management, Throughput and Yield Enhancement


  • Underground and Open Cut Mining: zinc, gold, coal, nickel
  • Heavy Manufacturing: Structural steel, pulp and paper, batteries, packaging, smelter and foundry operations, nickel concentrating, alumina refining, aircraft manufacture
  • Maintenance: Mining and heavy industry
  • Brewing and Wine: Sourcing, manufacture and distribution
  • Light Manufacturing: Food, wine, confectionery, poultry, dairy and ice cream, baked goods, seafood, swimwear and underwear, clothing and sportswear
  • Printing and Packaging: Primary, coatings (paint and PVC, adhesives)
  • Financial Services: Insurance, banking, financial planning, call centres
  • Services: Security, Courier Services, 
  • Telecommunications: Fixed line and mobile
  • Transport: Yellow Fleet, rail operations, long distance trucking
  • Retailing and Wholesaling: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), fashion, postal and agency business

Maree Mullins

  • Over twenty years experience as a facilitator of change in both corporate and public sector organisations in Australia and Asia. This includes leading project teams in healthcare, energy and manufacturing sectors on ‘whole of company’ change initiatives involving restructuring, culture change, process change and/or new system implementation.
  • Strong focus on Change Management initiatives from scoping needs, designing and developing material to implementation.
  • Capabilities include Change Management, Stakeholder Management, Process Reengineering, Employee Skills Training and Business Improvement.


  • Automotive: Business process re-engineering
  • Financial Services/Insurance: Change management, transformation of back office services, teller sales training, customer service
  • Healthcare: Re-structure for commercialisation (surgical)
  • Infrastructure: Re-structure for commercialisation (power utility), accounts receivables (rail service)
  • Light Manufacturing/Packaging: Waste/yield management, portion control
  • Manufacturing: Waste/yield management, quality control
  • Mining: Operational safety, waste/yield management, change management for new system implementation
  • Retail: Sales and customer service training
  • Services: Change management for new system implementation, customer service training

Sheila Nguyen

Dr Sheila Nguyen has had several learning opportunities in life (aka missteps & mistakes), and as a result, she is continually motivated to do things better over time.  As a firm believer in the aphorism, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats,’ she enthusiastically shares her love for learning with others so that everyone will lift to ‘their own greatness.’

Her learning opportunities came from working with licensing/marketing (PGA Tour, USA), corporate consulting (William Morris Agency, Beverly Hills, USA), and as part of the broadcasting team at the 2010 Asian Games (Guangzhou, China) with clients such as NHK, Al-Jazeera, KBS, and CCTV. Sheila is a member of Baseball Victoria’s Board of Directors and is part of the Committee for Melbourne business leadership program. She is Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate certified (since 2011) and recently passed her National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) assessor exam.

Her adrenaline comes from being the Director of the Master of Business (Sport Management) Program at Deakin University (Melbourne, Australia) and in her role as the Executive Director of Sports Environment Alliance (SEA), a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to leading, educating and empowering the sport industry and its partners in ecological consciousness.

She enjoys moonlighting as a Coxswain Alliance team member!

Charlie Roach

  • Consultant with over 20 years’ international experience across multiple industries in senior and executive management and consulting roles.
  • Compelling leadership skills, sound commercial acumen and strategic thinking have contributed to a solid track record of significantly improving business outcomes and robust people development.
  • Capabilities include Project and Change Management, Management Systems Design, Process Improvement, Organisational and Leadership Development.


  • Contact Centres: Outsourcing and In-House, Workforce Management, Vendor Management, Operations, Sales and Customer Service, Shared Services Management (Quality Assurance, Contracts, Procurement), Client Relationship Management, Project Management, Technology, new business acquisitions
  • Product Distribution: FMCG, Industrial Products, Scientific Products.
  • Insurance, Technology Services, Telecommunications, Education, Energy, Retail.

Melissa Wilkinson

  • Senior Consultant and Project Leader with ten years consulting experience working on projects ranging from organisational redesign, IT strategy, employee engagement and cultural change.
  • Demonstrated success in analysing the client organisation, partnering with clients to develop solutions that meet the business’ needs and delivering project outcomes to achieve measurable benefits.
  • Capabilities include Change Management, Operational Improvement and Excellence, Facilitation and Training, Coaching, Organisational Development, Learning and Development, Project Management.


  • Financial Services: Back office processes, customer services
  • Healthcare: Medical centres, pathology, imaging, clinical trials
  • Human Resources: HR processes, learning and development, organisational development
  • IT: IT strategy
  • Manufacturing: Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – pulp and paper
  • Resources/Mining: Bauxite, alumina
  • Retail: Multi-location retail stores, multi-location light industrial/co-operative
  • Sales: FMCG

Philip Wong

  • Senior Consultant and Project Leader with twenty years professional experience in military, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and resources sectors.
  • Frontline management experience in manufacturing, services and military environments.
  • Currently a serving officer in the Australian Army Reserve having held both leadership and instructional postings.
  • Capabilities include Operational Analysis, Process Mapping, Operational Excellence, Training, Coaching, Leadership Development, Strategy Development, Change Management, Quality Management, Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Team & Project Management


  • Financial Services and Insurance: Back office processes, call centers, claims processing, customer service, new business and underwriting
  • Healthcare: Cord blood banking, cold chain logistics and distribution, medical laboratory services, clinical trials, QC/QA systems, research and development
  • International Aid/Development: Capacity development, strategic communication, liaison, impact assessments
  • Manufacturing: Pharmaceuticals, Quality systems development and management
  • Military: Operations planning, operations evaluation, command, training and instruction, civil-military co-operation, civil-military liaison
  • Not-For-Profit: Community housing
  • Resources/Mining: Open cut mining, drilling and blasting, coal processing, alumina refining
  • Services: Analytical laboratory services, community relations, emergency services, environmental services, human resources
  • Utilities: Electricity, water

We Support

WE RELISH the clients we work with and the collaborative work we engage in with them. We also believe in ‘putting back’ – in both a planned and an ad hoc manner. The latter is usually how we respond to causes that our clients are interested in, or the support our people provide personally.

More formally, we support a range of organisations that have ‘touched’ us in some way:

  • We put money to a range of cancer & children’s health organisations.
  • We support medical research for Mitochondrial disease because of its impact on a member of our group.
  • We provide support to an organisation that provides critical services to the refugee community.
  • One of our group is a long-term, active member of the Australian Army reserve. Working at officer level, he dedicates many of his personal hours to the reserve, and is supported by Coxswain Alliance and his colleagues for extended deployments.
  • One of our group is a Foundation Board member and chair of one of the support groups at the Art Gallery of NSW. An organisation that receives no government funding for the acquisition of art, this activity, combined with monetary support, contributes to the legacy we leave future generations.
  • We are a sponsor of the Sydney Symphony, with a particular emphasis on how their broad educational approaches provide much needed support back to our community. We regularly use their Fellowship program to demonstrate to corporates the journey that young, extremely talented players take to build their careers.

As you can see, a broad range, reflecting who Coxswain Alliance is and where we want to assist others in making a difference. Click the tabs below to see details of some of the areas we provide support to.

Who We Support

Australian Mitochondrial
Disease Foundation

The AMDF, a not-for-profit organisation, was formed in 2009 with a vision to cure mitochondrial disease (mito). Mito is a debilitation genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure and often death. There is no cure and few effective treatments. Our mission is comprised of three core elements: fostering research, providing support, and promoting education.

1300 977 180
Suite 4, Level 6
9–13 Young Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Defence Reserves Support

Coxswain Alliance is a Supportive Employer of Defence Reservists. We have been accredited as a Supportive Employer for more than six years. Defence Reserves Support administers the Supportive Employer community nationally.

The benefits of being a Supportive Employer are numerous and the skills, qualities, confidence and experience that a Reservist learns through Defence service is exceptional. Defence Reserves Support provides opportunities for employers to participate in employer engagement activities such as Exercise Executive Stretch or Boss Lift, where employers have the opportunity to participate in similar activities that Reservists do whilst out on field training. Coxswain Alliance has participated in a number of these activities and was honoured to receive a Employer Support Award in 2016.

Jennifer Duke
Operations Manager – NSW
Defence Reserves Support
+61 2 9393 2868

Art Gallery of New South Wales

The AGNSW, established in 1871, is a core Australian museum presenting international and Australian art across a wide range of media. Their mission is to both build a collection for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations, and to curate and present shows to current audiences that enhance our understanding of the world we live in. This is often done in collaboration with other museums locally and internationally. The development of the collection and the presentation of shows is made possible through a wide range of funding sources, from grants, corporate and private sponsorship and benefaction or donations from a vast range of sources, including many individual donors.

Jane Wynter, Head of Philanthropy
Art Gallery Road, The Domain, Sydney NSW 2000
+61 2 9225 1818

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1932 by the Australian Broadcasting Commission, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra has evolved into one of the world’s finest orchestras. The SSO gives more than a hundred performances in Australia each year – serving the people of Sydney and NSW, and, through broadcasts, the Australian and international communities. In addition, international tours to Europe, the USA and throughout Asia have earned the SSO worldwide recognition. The SSO’s award-winning education program is central to its commitment to the future of live symphonic music, and it promotes the work of Australian composers through performances, recordings and commissions.

Yvonne Zammit, Director, External Relations
+61 2 8215 4612

  • As a case manager, the speed of the turnaround time for an assessment is faster. This was done with better quality and not just quantity. I was able to close more assessments every week.

    Senior Case Manager - Remediation Assessments
  • The MOS process made sure the leaders and staff were involved and there was complete transparency in developing the metrics and processes. High interactivity during the planning phase through the huddles, and because we had the visibility of the plan daily, if things were not going as expected, we were able to adjust them quickly via the huddles in real time.

    Senior Manager - Operations
  • Working with Coxswain Alliance has not only been extremely beneficial to the business but also inspiring and useful for one’s own professional learning and development.

    Silke O’Callaghan - Director of Education & Training - HETI
  • I cannot recommend Coxswain Alliance enough, it has truly been a life changing experience and the skills I have gained will go with me for the rest of my career.

    Nicholas Grimes - Team Leader - Client Service Housing Options - Homes North Community Housing
  • We saw a 90% increase in the productivity. This meant more customers received outcomes. Some had been waiting years. As we produce more outcomes, during this difficult time, it provides them with additional money, shows we care and can help manage our reputation.

    2IC - Remediation Assessments Team
  • Our MOS has been great in helping us manage remote working. If we didn’t have all this in place, we would be lost. The results probably would have gone south. Instead we increased productivity.

    Senior Manager - Assessments
  • The level of information helped the conversations around productivity and kept focus on what was important. The Operating Rhythm was good to be able to talk to the data on a trend basis and improved the style and flow of the conversations.

    Senior Manager - Workforce Planning
  • Coxswain’s honesty and unlimited energy was incredibly helpful and infectious. I can see the impact on my team as they start to say, “we did it ourselves, all we needed was a little coaching.”

    General Manager, Operations - Manufacturing Sector
  • Dan and Lain empowered me to be a better leader by giving me the resources, advice and tactics to lead from the front and be respected by my team which has changed my entire work life and has even trickled into my personal life outside of the organisation.

    Nicholas Grimes - Team Leader - Client Service Housing Options - Homes North Community Housing
  • The detailed analysis by leaders and improved capability around judgement and critical thinking has resulted in operational performance improvements of over 20% year-on-year. It is an intensive 14-week, program that challenges the capability of leaders. However, the benefits for leaders and their career development are invaluable.

    Executive Manager - Superannuation & Investment Services Provider
  • We have had to do the huddles and check-ins in a different and more creative way, in our current environment, but it is what provides the structure to focus on priorities and ensure at the beginning of the week we all understand what needs to be done. It has made life easier.

    Senior Manager - Assessments
  • I particularly appreciated & valued your engaged & engaging style of consultancy. The impact & learning, particularly for the Team Leaders, was & is palpable. I thank you so much for supporting them with new ideas, tools & the motivation to do things differently, think more broadly & reflect on how they can change & improve their own & collective management work practices. Their confidence, growth & progression in the management framework is a joy to watch.

    Annie McCabe - Housing Manager - Homes North Community Housing
  • On a personal note, it has been one of the most influential and impactful encounters I’ve had in my professional journey to date.

    Silke O’Callaghan - Director of Education & Training - HETI
  • I want to thank the Coxswain Alliance people for working closely with me to understand what we were trying to achieve. They were patient, never made us feel stupid and, most importantly, understood our business.

    Claims Enquiry Team Manager - Insurance Sector
  • My introduction to MOS took my leadership to a new level as I developed an operating rhythm that drove process efficiencies across my business. I was able to identify lost time and implement service improvements as a result of the information I now understood how to use.

    Head of Servicing Operations, Wealth Management - Financial Services Sector
  • I went into this program with an open mind, but sceptical, in the end I am a better leader, coach and person, with clear streamlined processes and procedures in place at the workplace and an organised schedule at home.

    Kellie Dunning - Operations and Team Coordinator - Hunter Water
  • It has been over a year since our business finished the MOS program and the ongoing benefits realised from the program have been maintained and in some cases improved. The 14-week program is an outstanding leadership program to improve operational efficiency, leadership capability and business acumen.

    Executive Manager - Wealth Management Sector
  • Strategically, my team have a clearer focus on the longer term goals and the desired outcomes; operationally we have become more efficient with our time management and allocation of work; culturally we have become more aligned through transparency and accountability; and personally I feel that I have become a more effective leader in the midst of much change and uncertainty.

    Reporting Manager - Insurance Sector
  • A Coxswain program delivers many great things, but most valuably it dedicates 90+% of the elapsed time to managing the change. No change manager and fancy comms. people either. Coxswain Alliance works on the behaviours of leaders, and coaches them closely so they can maintain the change. An LSS practitioner isn’t generally a strong manager of change.

    Head of Productivity and veteran Lean-Six Sigma (LSS) Practitioner - Financial Services Sector
  • The consultants worked with me and my management team. It was a genuine partnership and we formed a strong bond. Never did we feel that something was “being done” to us or we were being told what to do, but rather we were working on the business together for an improved result.

    National Customer Service Manager - Insurance Sector
  • Working with Coxswain Alliance gave me access to highly skilled and motivated specialists who taught me new ways of working and the science behind their decisions. They provided support and training so that I was able to actively drive change and improvement within the organisation.

    Operations and Capability Manager - Insurance Sector
  • The Coxswain Alliance team throughout the project have enabled the diverse teams in Finance and Corporate Services to clearly identify their outcomes, their challenges and areas for continuous improvement.

    Chief Financial Officer - Wentworth Community Housing
  • Dan and Lain were extremely engaging and hands on right from the beginning and were genuinely interested in understanding the Social Housing industry as well as the community we serve on a day-to-day basis.

    Nicholas Grimes - Team Leader - Client Service Housing Options - Homes North Community Housing
  • The benefits, be it short term or long term are worth the journey for any business and its employees at all levels.

    Division Manager - Asset Services Division, Wentworth Community Housing
  • Since the consult began we have empirical evidence to show that those presenting as homeless are being housed faster, with more compassion, care and support than ever before. This evidence has been extremely motivating for both myself and the team and we are celebrating the big and little wins each and every day.

    Nicholas Grimes - Team Leader - Client Service Housing Options - Homes North Community Housing
  • We couldn’t have introduced the MOS without the drive, clarity of process and experience that came with the Coxswain Alliance representatives who embedded themselves as virtual staff members within my team (and our organisation) over a significant period of time. They we amazing to work with and we learned so much from them. They worked hard and developed relationships across the organisation at all levels. Any scepticism over whether this would work in our context was soon quashed. The business transformation is such that we sometimes wonder how we ever did our business effectively before MOS.

    Head of Business Improvement - Financial Services Sector
  • My team are happier, they have more confidence in my ability to make correct decisions and we are achieving better outcomes for our clients which is what it is all about.

    Nicholas Grimes - Team Leader - Client Service Housing Options - Homes North Community Housing
  • I feel far more engaged with my frontline workforce, and the entire team now have a sense of ownership and personal responsibility to achieve our production targets.

    Adam Blake - Production Supervisor, Overburden - BHP Billiton
  • The Coxswain project helped us increase real time visibility of our progress and to focus on improving our success rate. Tools such as the Visual Management Boards have made us more nimble and responsive to meet short term challenges. Better tracking and reporting tools mean we can now measure the impact of new interventions or service models.

    Divisional Manager - Community Services Division - Not-For-Profit Sector
  • Possibly the best thing about MOS is that it makes people leaders into really effective people leaders, and that is something I think will keep paying dividends for many years to come.

    Manager, Labs Service Desk - Insurance Sector
  • From the team’s perspective, they like the planning and being able to check what they have to do. We can therefore plan effectively and it has reduced time and provided a lot more focus on productivity.

    Senior Manager - Compliance, Governance and Forensic Accounting
  • The work with Coxswain has helped consolidate internal systems and practices into a much more synchronised and scheduled operating rhythm that has now driven the Asset Division to become much more structured and disciplined in the way in which we manage daily, weekly and monthly operations.

    Divisional Manager, Asset Services Division - Wentworth Community Housing
  • Many people are dubious when they hear the word “consult” and are concerned about any actual change occurring; they need not be because the results we have got speak for themselves.

    Nicholas Grimes - Team Leader - Client Service Housing Options - Homes North Community Housing
  • There were many times I challenged the changes that were recommended but this was never a problem. We had open and honest conversations and, more importantly, all the changes I have made to my business have been for the better.

    Claims Enquiry Team Manager - Insurance Sector

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