Creating the Digital Workplace of the Future

The future of work is changing: Drive true transformation by combining the power of behavioural change with the elegance of human-centred software for a sustainable, adaptive organisation.


Empower your business & your people with the confidence to deal with complexity – executing with insight, simplicity, flexibility, transparency & performance. All in real-time.


Built by the business, for the business to benefit your customers – balance & optimise workloads to allocate the right work to the right people at the right time in the right place. Always.


Seamlessly integrate remote staff, outsourced functions, offshore teams, robotic-process automated teams & event-based response teams into your operations, as & when needed.

As used by some of the world’s premier organisations

Software Capabilities


Automation & Allocation

Automatically allocate work activities based on availability, workloads, user, skills, experience & authorisation levels to deliver to customer expectations at expected service levels, all with built-in tracking for automated reporting & trend analysis.


Quality & Compliance

Workflow data is captured at every step of the process, providing a full auditable trail – what activities were completed, by whom & when – enabling analysis & verification against policies for assurance, governance & compliance purposes.

Capacity Management

Optimise resource performance & utilisation with built-in reporting & analytics for forecasting, workforce development & continuous improvement in capacity & workforce planning.


Technology For People

Award-winning, consumer-grade user interface designed for intuitive use & clear support of decision-making – requires minimal training & accelerates adoption, empowering managers to make a difference sooner.

Integration & Modernisation

Simple, modern & innovative approach to integration with REST API, powerful elastic search & NoSQL database combined with robust, scalable architecture for deployment in the cloud or on-premise.

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Transform your organisation and prepare for the Digital Workplace of the future. Contact us for further information or to arrange a discussion on your specific needs.


Efficiency & Performance

Reduce the cost of service by removing complexity, freeing up resources, balancing workloads, simplifying processes, policies & procedures, & driving continuous improvement & innovation.


Prioritised Service Delivery

Prioritise work based on how it affects the customer & the business alike, reprioritise as & when needed with immediate effect, & not be constrained by legacy operational systems or antiquated work practices.



Visibility & Actionable Insights

Visibility of real-time data about work & activities across the enterprise, business units, processes, workflows, functions, teams & individuals is a powerful new source of actionable intelligence.


Engagement & Alignment

Measure team & individual performance levels, giving regular feedback to enhance motivation, identify training & coaching needs, & ensuring people are accountable & recognised for their contributions.


Agility & Flexibility

Apply evidence-based decision-making to move work or resources where you need to, when you need to with the power to quickly change or improve without high-cost or time delays to reconfigure underlying legacy systems.

Quick Tour of Zarion Intelligent Work Management

Client Experience – Irish Life

About Zarion

Zarion is a home-grown Irish company, located in the heart of Dublin’s technology hub. Zarion’s Intelligent Work Management software for the Enterprise helps people simplify the complexity of work by getting the right work, to the right person, at the right time.

Zarion has helped thousands of users in its client organisations process millions of service requests and billions of documents in leading banks and insurance companies in Ireland and beyond.

As consulting partners of Zarion, Coxswain Alliance is proud to introduce Zarion’s Intelligent Work Management Platform to the Asia-Pacific market, helping more organisations prepare their operations to adapt to the future of work management and evolving customer service needs.

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Transform your organisation and prepare for the Digital Workplace of the future. Contact us for further information or to arrange a discussion on your specific needs.

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